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  • Anyone listening? Use this App to Block the Microphone, and avoid being spied on. In addition, the threat situation can change quickly and dramatically. If you are going to install an app from outside the Play Store on Android—either to test something out or to play Fortnite , maybe—be very, very careful about checking its trustworthiness , and make sure you download it from a trusted, verified source so the Epic Games website, in the case of Fortnite. Note the qualifications though—such as timely updates.

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    The longer your phone maker waits to roll out the latest patches, the more at risk you are. Though the risk of malware infection is low, installing a competent security tool on Android is going to make it lower still. Kirsty Edwards, a director at mobile security specialists Lookout , agrees that some kind of protection is needed, especially for enterprise and business use.

    How To Tell If Your Phone Is Tapped

    So if the risk of malware-infected apps hitting your smartphone is relatively low, what other potential dangers should you be looking out for? Phishing is the main one—hackers trying to get you to tap on a web pop-up, or a dodgy link inside an email or SMS. Your phone might not get infected with malware, but access to your most important data can still be compromised. This stops many phishing attacks in their tracks—like the one discovered several months ago in certain Android apps.

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    • These days we should all be largely sticking to the established, recognized apps rather than experimenting with dozens of new apps every month, which makes the chances of getting caught out by a data-harvesting app lower. That said, be on your guard: Games and utility apps are often used as cover for malicious activity.